Hi friends! We have not had much snow here in Tallinn. Although it has snowed several times already but it has not lasted long since the weather has not been cold enough. I am not a big fan of snow and cold weather but it would be preferable to have cold and dry weather instead of rainy and muddy. Rainy and muddy is something we have had for couple of weeks now. We have only about  6 hours of daylight and it is very depressing and dark if there is not any snow. 
This year I have prepared myself for Christmas so I have three Christmas calendars: chocolate, candy and NYX's lipstick calendar which means that I have new lipstick everyday for 24 days! How awesome is that? :D I usually use bright red or bright pink colored lipstick so it has been fun to try different colors which I would not normally buy or use. For example this nude brown color which I am wearing in the pictures, is something I would not have tried. Now that I have tried it I will probably buy something like this color in the future. It suits me better than I thought!
My outfit today is very simple and comfortable. Basically dress, coat, purse and boots. My blue winter coat is already few years old but it is still my favorite winter coat. I love the bright blue color! I have found it difficult to find winter coats which are bright colored. Usually they are grey, black and white.
Recently, I bought a new pair of winter boots. Before, I had a habit to buy shoes which were made of artificial materials since stores seemed to offer a lot more options to choose from when the shoes were not made of real leather. Usually those shoes lasted for two years or maximum three years in use and after that the surface was damaged and could not be fixed anymore. Whereas real leather, when properly maintained, lasts much longer than artificial leather. For now on, I have decided that I will not buy any shoes made of artificial leather since real leather lasts longer in use.
How did you like the outfit?
☺: Alice

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Hi friends, how are you doing? Today I am wearing a green polka dot dress, red jumper, black leather high heels and purse, black trench coat and a hat. This outfit is perfect for the season.
I have to say that I have been obsessed with Ted Baker's products for long time as you might have already noticed. However the situation has changed a little bit and a reason for it is this trench coat. Month or two months ago the trench happened to catch a little rain and after the water dried it left white stains all over it! The trench is a dry-clean item but I still would not expect that it cannot tolerate any rain which is quite poor if you considering the fact that it is a coat. I was a bit upset about the stains so I wrote an email to Ted Baker's customer service. The response came quickly, it took them about an hour or two. Basically what they said was that they do not know that it, this have  not happened to their products ever before and if I think the item is fault then I can bring it to the store where I bought it from but then I would have to have the receipt with me. I did not have the receipt anymore since I bought it almost a year ago. So contacting the customer service was not helpful for me at all. In the end I managed to fade the stains with steaming the coat but the stains are still there.
This incident has led me to doubt the quality of Ted Baker's products. If a coat cannot tolerate any rain, then what I should be expecting from it really? I know their products are cute and fit to my style but if they cannot be used then it is a bit of waste of my money. I really do not know what to think about the situation.
Anyway, how did you like the outfit this time?
☺: Alice

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I am sure everyone has some expectations when moving abroad what the life would be like in new country or if you personally do not have any specific expectations at least your relatives and friends will have tons of expectations about your life in abroad. 
Before you move to abroad you have probably made a list of all the places you want to explore and travel but it takes about one week for you to realize that everyday is not holiday and there are certain things you need to do, nevertheless where you live. You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, take a shower, you have a breakfast then you rush into uni then you go back home and on the way to home you pop in a supermarket nearby, you buy some food, then you come home to cook and after finishing your dinner you go to bed and you repeat it over and over again. And talking about your list? it will not be finished any time soon.
The one thing your friends will always ask you when they come to visit you is: What is the best place to go to eat? -Well..., how would I know?!? But I am pretty convinced that it ain't my kitchen...

And I am not even going to talk about all the touristic attraction and museums which are so close to you that you will not even bother to go. I am not a tourist, I live hear. ;)
-Oh, you must have been here already hundred times, so there might be nothing that interesting for you.
- Trust me, I did not even know before that this place existed.
One of the most common phrase you will hear for anyone who have just found out that you live in Estonia is:
-Everything is so inexpensive here that you must live like a queen.
Yeah right, I am a university student not a Russian oligarch. And do not get me started about cheap booze comments or about the raising of taxes on alcoholic beverages...
Living in abroad is a great opportunity to learn new languages, or at least that is what they say. But I would doubt that phrase every time when I try to speak Estonian for an Estonian and he/she is answering to me in English. At least I am trying, eh? 

Let's for a moment discuss traveling. Think about all the vacations you could go with the money you spend on traveling back and forth to the country where you are from. Yes that is right, you are probably expected to spend at least your Christmas, Easter and summer vacation in your home country and still it will not be enough to your relatives and family. If you cannot make it to every birthday, Father's day, Mother's day or any other special event there might be, it will be a tragedy and you will be reminded if you travel to Lithuania on your mother's birthday... Trust me. :D
Do you live or have you lived in abroad? Can you relate to these expectations vs realities? Let me know in the comments.
☺: Alice

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Hello friends, how's it going? The days are getting shorter here which makes taking outfit photos difficult but fortunately I have some pictures left from earlier this autumn. It is quite depressing to have only few hours of light everyday and I cannot wait the day when it will be reversed.
I have heard many times that one should not mix multiple patterns but I think that this mixture is great. I do not usually follow any rules or fashion when dressing, I reckon it is funnier that way. I do have some preferences and things I dislike very much such as white pants. I would not wear white pants ever, not only because I would probably get them dirty but I just don't think that they suit anyone but sailor boys. ;)
How did you like my outfit? :)
☺: Alice

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Hi, how's your day been? So far so good for me. Today the outfit is in my opinion very cute. I am not fan of rain and I assume that most people are either. If I wake up and it is raining outside or about to rain, it usually effects to what I wear. I do not usually feel like wearing anything colorful just dark colors and outfits which are very boring and simple. This outfit is something opposite than that.
The old town of Tallinn is my favorite place to take outfit pictures and probably you have noticed it. There is just too many nice buildings, colorful and unique spots for taking pictures. Especially old town is magical during the winter when there is snow and lights have been put everywhere. Although I am not a fan of cold weather at all.
Hope you all have a great day!
☺: Alice

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What's up? I survived from the terrible virus I had and now I am full of energy again! School work is killing thou at the moment but I hope I manage. Here is my outfit of the day. It is simply and laid back. I like dresses made of tricot since they feel so comfortable. It has also nice pattern red, blue and white stripes. I bought this one from England this summer and it has been one of my favorites since then. I actually called it a 5 minutes dress since it only took me 5 minutes to enter the store and leave it with this dress and yes I paid it of course. ;D Even though it  is simple I have heard a lot of compliments from that specific dress.
Converse sneakers are quite iconic shoes. I could safely say that almost have or have had a pair of Converse shoes. I remember I got my first ever Converse sneakers when I was about 12 or 13 years old. They were black and surprisingly they would still fit me because my shoe size is same as back then. Although I think I have thrown them into rubbish a long time ago. When I was a teen I was always looking for different shoe laces and styles to tie my shoes and I actually had Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas shoelaces in my black Converse sneakers.
Until next time!
☺: Alice

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 Hello friends, how are you? Unfortunately I have caught a virus and  I have been laying on a bed the entire day. It is not much fun but at least I have someone who takes care of me and makes me a cup of tea when I ask. The perks of being sick and helpless is to have someone who will take care of you. :D Anyhow this moment is historical since it is the first time in my blog's history when I have straight hair!  Look at me. It was windy day and my hair is a mess but yes it is straightened. I do not often straighten my hair since it is pretty bad for my hair but when I do I always hope that I did not have curls. Curly hair is a curse and everyone who says otherwise do not have curly hair.
This skirt is new one. I bought it from London when I was there during Summer.  It has cute watermelon print on it. I had seen some diy pictures of similar skirts in Pinterest and when I found the skirt I had to have it. I was lucky because the first time I saw it in store there was not my size left anymore but luckily the same chain had few other stores in London and I managed to find it in my size. 

 I used to buy pretty clothes even though I could not find them in my size. I would always thought that probably I could fix them to my size or if they were too small I would consider losing weight etc. But honestly it never happened. Nowadays I do not do that anymore. If I find nice piece of clothing but it does not fit me I will not buy it because that would just be waste of money.  Do not buy anything if you cannot be 110% sure that you will fix that broken zipper in a fine vintage dress etc. It will just be waste of money and I know that lot of people buy stuff they do not actually fit in. But yeah that is that, I will not preach about it anymore. :D
I hope you all have wonderful day and you stay healthy!
☺: Alice

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Hi my friends! How are you doing? I have not post for awhile. At first I had to manage few days without internet since we change our operator and after that I have just procrastinated to post here. I have been taking outfit photos but somehow it was difficult for me to start posting again after few days break. Now I am back and I will continue to update my blog more frequently.
Obviously these outfit photos were taken during the summer. Today is typical Autumn weather here in Tallinn, it has rained the entire day so far. I would rather spend the day in my cozy bed than go to uni but what can I do when the duties are calling? Days like this it is nice to go back to warm summer days.
Summer is my favorite season of the year. I really dislike rain and cold weather. Too bad I live in Estonia. ;) I would really love to live somewhere where it does not get so cold during winters since I cannot manage the cold at all. Also summer clothing is so much nicer than winter wear and you do not have to wear five layers of clothing when going outside of your house. Summer clothing is much simpler!
What is your favorite season and how did you like the outfit? See you again soon!
☺: Alice

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Because I am student it does not mean that I cannot buy expensive designer bags or clothing. It might be more difficult and time consuming for me than what it could be if I would be working. I wanted to gather for you few saving tips that are useful for those who have limited amount of money to spend every month but still want to buy designer products or make any kind of saving. Let me know how helpful these tips were for you!

1. Determine what are you saving up for
Firstly you need to know what product/thing you are saving up for and how much money you would actually need. It is also important that you make yourself clear that which things are more important to you than the designer item. Is eating out something which is more important to you or gym membership? You could cook by yourself or exercise at home or outdoors. But is it really something you are ready to give up for to get that designer item you like? So you have to choose which things are worthier and which are not.
2. Calculate your monthly earnings and expenses
You need to put down how much money you receive every month and what is left after necessary expenses such as rent, utilities, phone bill, food, etc. If there is left something after those necessary expenses you are already doing great. Then you must decide how much money you are ready to save up every month to get that item you like. If your already in the negative side you have to be ready to cut down some of that expenses. For example, could you manage with a little slower internet? Or would there be a way to consume little less water?

3. Pay attention to what you eat
Do you prefer eating out instead of cooking yourself? Start learning to cook because it is not difficult to make a nice dish for few euros which you can eat for couple of days. It is really that simple but people do not usually realize how much money they spend eating out. Make meal plans as well. That way you will know before you go to store what food products you will need and maybe can check up different grocery store websites before hand and plan where to do your shopping based on what will be the cheapest option. Of course you need to dedicate your time for that. Consider buying the cheapest products in the store because I usually do not notice the difference between cheapest or the most expensive spaghetti.
4. Pay attention to what you buy
What kind of toilet paper do you have at home or do you have habit of going impulsive shopping to those inexpensive fashion chain-stores? Do not do that. The money you spend in that store is money you could have saved so you better stop. And what comes to toilet paper example pay attention what everyday life products such as toilet paper, cleaners, shampoos, etc you buy. Those are things you need but what difference it would make to your quality of life if you would buy the cheapest products?

5. Possibilities to earn extra money
What would be your possibilities to earn extra money? Would you be ready to do part-time work? or maybe some babysitting your neighbor's kids or any other odd job you could possible do? Think of your options of earning extra money. Maybe the money you earn monthly is not enough in the first place. But my recommendation is to stay away for loans and gambling. That will only lead you in a bad situations.
+1 Work hard and try always your best at school. Dedicate your time for learning and strive for that higher education. Do not drop out and get that university degree. The more educated you are the higher your salary will be in the future and then you do not have to fear of making the ends meet.

 ☺: Alice

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Hi again! Here is some more outfit pictures for you. I feel the Autumn is coming the weather gets colder and rainier and the evenings and nights are not full of sunlight anymore. I am excited nonetheless since next week is my final week at work and then I will be continuing my studies at the university. I am excited about what the future holds for the upcoming year!
And I did not know why I was wearing sunglasses so I took them of. :D
I really love the pattern of this dress and the colors. It is rare to find clothes which have darker red, turquoise and green mixed up together. In my mind they look nice together.
These outfit pictures were taken right before sun went down and I love the greyish lightning in these photos. It makes me look very pale thou but I think it suits my today's outfit quite nicely.
I must say that I hate bugs, spiders, mosquitos and any kind of species which have six legs or more or do not have legs at all. Well, I do not hate them but I am terrified and scared of them so much that I am not even able to kill a fly. It might seem stupid but that is real struggle which I have to face almost everyday. #firstworldproblems And yet I think these beetle shaped earrings are maybe the coolest ones I own. :D Unfortunately they are a bit heavy for me so I use them only occasionally. But aren't they just lovely?
Happy weekend everyone, sleep well and long and give yourself a hug since you managed through a long week!
 ☺: Alice

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Hi everyone, how are you doing? I am back with more outfit photos this time. Although the lightning this time does not impress anyone but bare with me. :D This dress is one of my favorites but in this part of the world where I live it is such a short period of time when I can actually wear it, it is a pity. I could wear it with a cardigan when it is cold but the dress has to be tied around your neck and it would just look stupid imo. First world problems is what they say.
I often feel very insecure to wear tight clothing as almost everyone I think. I always worry about my stomach to stick out too much but looking at these pictures I think I look fitter than I actually am. I have no idea how I did it but somehow I managed. ;) It is silly to feel insecure about oneself, as far as I know nobody really pays attention for somebody else's body shape. At least I am not interested.
 This handbag is hands down my used one. I really like smaller bags where I can with my wallet, keys, phone and maybe one lipstick because that is basically everything one needs. the bag is just the right size and color is my favorite too. I have so much colorful clothing that it is easy to match this pink with almost anything. Also almost everyone of my jackets and coats are simple colors black, beige, blue so in the winter it is nice popup color.
 Picnic in a park is nice summertime activity and it is what happened after taking these pictures. I really love eating outside in summer. Especially breakfast outside is one of my favorite things to start a morning weather permitting of course. How did you like my outfit? Leave it in the comment section.
 ☺: Alice

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