I'm a morning person but not in a sense that some people understand it. I don't really fancy waking up early although I've used to waking up early because of school (not anymore, thank you university!) but I really enjoy: feeling cozy in my bed under my duvet, waking up to the morning sunlight which comes under curtains and lights up the entire room, breakfast in bed and those moments when you have no rush. Those kinds of not very efficient mornings make me happy.
 The cardigan and wool socks which I am wearing are made by my lovely grandmother. They really help me getting into the morning spirit. I feel warm and so comfortable in them. I know nothing better than grandmother's hand-made socks. This turquoise color is my favorite at the moment and even my tea cup matches with my cardigan and socks. I think this outfit is slightly Eastery, I am like an Easter egg. But who wouldn't like Easter egg, right? :D
 How do you like mornings?
: Alice


  1. Very cute Alice !
    It's the first time ever I've seen socks that match a cardigan and I love it !!! how fab your grandma made them for you.

    1. Thank you for your comment Lorena! :)