Hi friends! Here is some outfit photos from this week. If you have not noticed I prefer to wear red. So red dress, red lipstick, red scarf and red house are the keywords today. ;) Tallinn old town is beautiful and ideal place for taking pictures since there are so many charming buildings like this little red house. Although not all buildings are in good condition and many are ruined by graffiti.  Personally I like graffiti if they are well-made, not just some stupid text in the wall, and if they are in proper place. I do not understand why some people try to ruin someone else's property by writing something stupid on the wall. Yet I had to include the graffiti to these pictures so it would not be too idyllic.
The dress is very romantic and has country vibes. It could be a little bit shorter but not too much shorter. Since it almost reaches to my ankles, it makes me look shorter than I am especially when I am not wearing high heels.
Had to show you guys how the dress swings. ;)

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