I have not posted anything for ages! Sorry guys, I just have been very busy with uni. Anyhow, I am not in Lithuania anymore but I have still couple outfit photos left to share with you. I did a day trip to Kaunas and have to say that I preferred Kaunas over Vilnius. I think Kaunas preserved than Vilnius and had a beautiful old town. I am really big fan of old towns, there's just something about old buildings and stuff. 
As I mentioned in one of the posts I only took two pair of shoes with me and these blue rain boots are the other one's which I took with me to Lithuania. They were very much needed since most of the days in Vilnius was raining and also in Kaunas the morning was a bit rainy before sun started to shine. What I like about these rain boots is that they are very light weighted and can be used with any outfit since they are shaped like regular shoes. One thing I do not like about them is that your feet get very sweaty after a day of using them but I guess there is the same problem with every rain boots. :D
Cannot really tell what's up with my legs.
This street was super long!

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