How's it going? I am doing good. I have not posted anything for a while because I have spent two weeks in England and did not have very good internet connection during that time. But I will continue posting regularly for now on. :) Today it is going to be very colorful outfit as you know I love colors. For some odd reason I think that I look like I am from circus. :D Maybe it has something to do with those colors...
What I like about most in my outfit is the skirt I am wearing. The pattern is so nice and in some way very classic. I also like the length of the skirt which is just perfect for me. It is not too short but it is not too long to make me look short because I have noticed that certain length dresses or skirts make me appear very short. I have to admit that I am a short person I am only 5.3 ft but if I wear 3/4 length skirts or dresses I will appear even shorter.
See you again soon!
☺: Alice

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  1. Love this look! so cute x

    1. Thank you so much Liberty! :)