New week has just started and I am done with uni for this year, yey! This outfit is quite experimental. The jacket I am wearing is from China and to be honest I do not know if it has some kind of meaning but I hope people do not get offended if non-Chinese wears it. In my opinion the jacket is pretty cool and I really like its colors and patterns. Although I guess it is men's jacket. :D
I do not wear the jacket very often and every time I wear it somebody wants to know if there is a special purpose why I am wearing China theme jacket. :D I think it is a bit weird because why there would have to be a reason to wear something special? Nobody ever asks me why I am wearing a dress when I am wearing a dress. So why then there have to be a specific reason for wearing a jacket?  Maybe it is the reason why people do not have the guts to dress up in unique way because they are afraid of somebody asking silly questions or giving funny looks towards them but I do not care, I stare back. ;)
Even though it is not the Great Wall of China behind me, it fits in the theme quite well to my mind...
Have a great week everyone!
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