Not so long ago I visited Haapsalu so I thought that I could make a small post about it. Haapsalu is quite small town in Estonia but it is perfect for a day trip in summer. We were blessed with good weather, in the morning it was hot and sunny and in the evening it was a bit cloudy but still warm. It was my first time in the town and probably will not be the last.
Haapsalu castle is something you cannot miss when going to Haapsalu for two obvious reasons: firstly it is so big and secondly it is in the middle of the town. Although some of it was destroyed during ww2, it was still a pretty cool place to visit. I even managed to climb to the bell tower even though I am scared of heights! 
We had a lunch in lovely restaurant called Dietrich. I have to say that it was the best restaurant I have been in Estonia so far. The food was great and tasty and definitely when I go back to Haapsalu I am going to eat there again!
Some pasta and pesto for me
and some fish for him.
The whole city is so idyllic especially during summer.
We visited Haapsalu railway station and railway museum, it's funny because there is not actual railway system in Haapsalu and you cannot get there by train. :D They used to have railway but I think during soviet times it was  destroyed and people stole the tracks? correct me if I am wrong cause that's what I have heard at least.
Anyway the railway station is so picturesque and pretty. I guess it would not have been preserved so well if it would have served  its purpose during soviet times.
And of course there was old trains but one was not allowed to hope in which was pretty sad. :(  Anyhow if you have a chance to visit Haapsalu definitely do it. I was surprised by the town and how pretty it was!
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