Here is my outfit photos from the trip to Haapsalu which I talked about in the latest post. Go check out it if you are interested. This summer is really hectic and I am sorry that I have not post for a week again. I have to say that I have spent last week in London and I did not take my computer with me. I might make a post of something London related but I do not have reasonable outfit photos because I was too busy to socialize. London is probably my favorite place in the world and I travel there every year. I have also spend one summer there working and I have few friends there to. So it is close to my heart. :) This time I did not really went to see all the touristic attractions since I have seen them quite few times before but if you have something you want me to write about London or anything, feel free to share it in comment section. But this is a promise: I will start posting more often when I go back to uni in Autumn.
To the outfit photos. I had to have it in the Haapsalu train station because look at it, it is soo beautiful. Maybe sneakers were not the best option when it come to this outfit but they where sure quite nice to walk around the town.
I really love the pattern in the skirt. I also have a scarf and a handbag with the exact same pattern in them since I love it so much. It is Ted Baker's in case you are wondering. ;)
It is truly a picturesque venue. How did you like the outfit?
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  1. I like the outfit, when i browse some your outfit you seem to know best cut and fit for you, and the print of the skirt is beautiful.

    About London, I've never been there, but i had dream that i met my (RIP) dad there, so I relate to London in a strange way. Please write anything about London then, would like to know it from your very own point of view.

    1. Thank you again for your comment chachamisu! I try to be open to different kind of clothing options and that is how I have learned to know what suits me and what does not. :)