Hi again! Here is some more outfit pictures for you. I feel the Autumn is coming the weather gets colder and rainier and the evenings and nights are not full of sunlight anymore. I am excited nonetheless since next week is my final week at work and then I will be continuing my studies at the university. I am excited about what the future holds for the upcoming year!
And I did not know why I was wearing sunglasses so I took them of. :D
I really love the pattern of this dress and the colors. It is rare to find clothes which have darker red, turquoise and green mixed up together. In my mind they look nice together.
These outfit pictures were taken right before sun went down and I love the greyish lightning in these photos. It makes me look very pale thou but I think it suits my today's outfit quite nicely.
I must say that I hate bugs, spiders, mosquitos and any kind of species which have six legs or more or do not have legs at all. Well, I do not hate them but I am terrified and scared of them so much that I am not even able to kill a fly. It might seem stupid but that is real struggle which I have to face almost everyday. #firstworldproblems And yet I think these beetle shaped earrings are maybe the coolest ones I own. :D Unfortunately they are a bit heavy for me so I use them only occasionally. But aren't they just lovely?
Happy weekend everyone, sleep well and long and give yourself a hug since you managed through a long week!
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