So in case someone is wondering why roses are blooming this time of the year, these outfit photos are from my trip to England in June so they are bit old but I thought they where still worth showing here. It has been crazy couple of days at work so this outfit really suits in the theme. I love it how the colors really match with the roses in the background. Simply outfit put full of colors.
Really awkward arm pose is something we all need, don't we, eh? I do not know if you have noticed, probably yes, that I am very awkward in front of the camera. I could use a tip or two from professional. From the camera perspective my outfits always look different than when I try them on in front of the mirror. It is quite interesting how different you actually can look in the pictures and when you see your reflection from mirror.  Okay I am not sure anymore if that was non-sense talking with myself but better stop. :D
I must say that I am speechless at the moment but I wanted to send you all some pink flowers in a form of these pictures. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
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