Hi friends, how are you doing? Today I am wearing a green polka dot dress, red jumper, black leather high heels and purse, black trench coat and a hat. This outfit is perfect for the season.
I have to say that I have been obsessed with Ted Baker's products for long time as you might have already noticed. However the situation has changed a little bit and a reason for it is this trench coat. Month or two months ago the trench happened to catch a little rain and after the water dried it left white stains all over it! The trench is a dry-clean item but I still would not expect that it cannot tolerate any rain which is quite poor if you considering the fact that it is a coat. I was a bit upset about the stains so I wrote an email to Ted Baker's customer service. The response came quickly, it took them about an hour or two. Basically what they said was that they do not know that it, this have  not happened to their products ever before and if I think the item is fault then I can bring it to the store where I bought it from but then I would have to have the receipt with me. I did not have the receipt anymore since I bought it almost a year ago. So contacting the customer service was not helpful for me at all. In the end I managed to fade the stains with steaming the coat but the stains are still there.
This incident has led me to doubt the quality of Ted Baker's products. If a coat cannot tolerate any rain, then what I should be expecting from it really? I know their products are cute and fit to my style but if they cannot be used then it is a bit of waste of my money. I really do not know what to think about the situation.
Anyway, how did you like the outfit this time?
☺: Alice

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  1. I love this outfit and I LOVE the trench coat!

    Rosie |