Hi friends! I know it is not spring anymore but we had nice cherry blossom this spring in Tallinn. There are surprisingly many cherry trees in the parks and around the downtown in Tallinn but unfortunately the blossom last only few days.
What would be better outfit for the cherry blossom than a full pink outfit from head to toe? -Nothing! I liked this outfit very much and it was so comfortable. What do you think? Was it too much pink for you? I actually love pink, it is girly and bubbly color and that is why it suits me well. ;)
I bet it would be breathtaking experience to be in Japan during cherry blossom. I wish that someday I could travel to Japan during that time of the year but I do not think it is going to happen anytime soon. Have you ever been to Japan?
See you soon!
☺: Alice

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  1. So cute the pink shirt!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Love those pants!!

    Great look