Hi guys, just a quick update of my outfit in here. It was rainy day so rainy boots and umbrella were quite handy.

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Greetings from Lithuania's capital, Vilnius. It is my first time traveling to Vilnius so I am excited. Now I have traveled to every Baltic State so I can cross that out from my bucket list. What next? maybe I should discover every Nordic States? Hah, we'll see. I really do like to travel. These outfit photos were taken in a hill which was near the old town of Vilnius.
It was rather cloudy but I think the city looked pretty when the sunlight came from the cracks in the clouds. I am a bit of afraid of heights but when I travel I always want to find a good viewpoint where I can look the city above. I do not know why I fancy such places but there is something intriguing in them. It was our first day so it required some traveling. That's why I wanted to wear something comfortable. Therefore I decided to wear this denim dress and boots which do not have very high heels. I tried to pack as little as I could so I only packed two pairs of shoes and one coat which I could use with every outfit. The black trench coat is my favorite coat at the moment and I wore it also in France. I like it because it goes well with skirts and dresses and it is long enough. I do not use trousers or jeans that often so for me it is important that the coat reaches to my knee. I am not that kind of person who likes cold weather so I like to dress warmly.

I do not know why but my smile looks so fake in some of these pictures. I had fun, I swear. :D I am not the best at posing in the pictures but I am learning. I like to smile in the pictures because I think too many bloggers look like they have something under their nose. I like to be positive and send those positive vibes to you as well. In my opinion blogging should not be that serious. At least I do it just for fun. But I have learned that being in the pictures is hard job (;D) since sometimes you think you are smiling when taking a picture but
when you look at the picture you do not look that happy after all.  Have you experienced the same?
Of course I need to have one artistic pic where I look very pensive. ;) Happy Sunday everyone!

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I'm a morning person but not in a sense that some people understand it. I don't really fancy waking up early although I've used to waking up early because of school (not anymore, thank you university!) but I really enjoy: feeling cozy in my bed under my duvet, waking up to the morning sunlight which comes under curtains and lights up the entire room, breakfast in bed and those moments when you have no rush. Those kinds of not very efficient mornings make me happy.
 The cardigan and wool socks which I am wearing are made by my lovely grandmother. They really help me getting into the morning spirit. I feel warm and so comfortable in them. I know nothing better than grandmother's hand-made socks. This turquoise color is my favorite at the moment and even my tea cup matches with my cardigan and socks. I think this outfit is slightly Eastery, I am like an Easter egg. But who wouldn't like Easter egg, right? :D
 How do you like mornings?
: Alice


I traveled to Nice this spring and I thought I would post few pics from that trip. I went there for vacation and it was great trip. Nice was truly beautiful city and I will surely come back again. I do not have any "outfit" photos from that trip but I thought it would be something a bit different. As you can see from the pictures, sun wasn't shining all the time but it didn't matter to me that much. It was still warm about +20 Celsius degrees but I wore a trench coat since for me that isn't warm enough to walk around without a coat. And of course it is always funny contradiction when locals wore winter coats whereas tourists wore shorts. I guess I was somewhere in between that. :D
I fell in love with Promenade des Anglais, I could walk/bicycle along this promenade endlessly looking around  beautiful buildings and people, listening the sound of ocean. How romantic is that? ;D I mean honestly the best thing you can do in Nice is to walk along this promenade and it is for free! Just by looking these pictures I can almost sense that nice warm ocean breeze. Nice was more than nice, it was perfect and now I want to go back. Anyhow I hope you all have sunny Easter!
Have you traveled to Nice?
: Alice


 My outfit for today is classic school girl style with a little twist. By twist I mean those gigantic earrings which you probably cannot wear if you have school uniform and also the embroidery on the blouse which you probably won't have either. I actually like how my earrings and the embroidery match together. I have noticed that in many stores they sell a lot of these embroidered clothes: shirts, jeans etc. I guess it is some kind of trend right now? Anyhow I really like my shirt and I have purchased it quite recently.
 I think that school uniforms has it pros and cons but I think I wouldn't manage in a school where you'd have to wear one. I've always loved to dress up, be different and show it through my clothes and appearance. I don't think you can fully be and express yourself our teach about the importance of being different and accepting everyone as they are by making everyone dress the same way. I could think a little differently about this topic if I had gone to school where you had to wear a school uniform and there had been all those hair and makeup restrictions.
By the way, I have lived in the States and at that time I was in high school and I would frequently get into trouble for not following the dress code. As a foreigner I just couldn't understand why boys can wear shorts above their knees and girls couldn't! APs would frequently stop me in the corridors for wearing too short skirts/dresses even though they were just above my knee and at the same time School's athletes could walk around with their school's sport outfits which were quite often totally out of the dress code. One time I was even taken into principal's office for not following dress code but most of the time I talked myself out of the trouble. Ha! And even know, I do not think that a dress code which puts boys and girls, athletes and non-athletes into unequal positions should be something to follow. I think that boys shouldn't be animalized and schools should trust more to student's own judgement about what is appropriate to wear at school and what is not.
 Sorry for the lighting which wasn't very flattering in every picture. ;)
Please let me know in the comment section what you thought about my outfit and pardon me for not wearing shoes.
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Some weeks ago we had few snowy days here in Tallinn. These pictures were taken on one of those days and I really enjoyed the wintery atmosphere of Kadriorg park. Kadriorg park is my favorite park in Tallinn. It is quite big park where you can spend a lot of time just wondering around the park and looking around what is in there. You can find different museums, playgrounds, President's palace and of course Kadriorg palace which you can see in the pictures. 
I planned my outfit taken into consideration the cold weather. I'm not really a fan of snow and cold but every now and then little snow is okay. And I have to say that the skirt I am wearing is actually blue and not black even though it looks black in these photos. 
I love this black leather purse! It is vintage and my grandmother has given it to me before that it was hers. It is perfect size since I can fit my keys, wallet, phone and some makeup in there easily. I like to prefer it over big and heavy bags because that way I only take the essentials with me and I do not carry around stuff that I won't be using anyway.
 Hope you liked my outfit and if you did leave a comment and tell me what you liked about it! Until next time!
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