Greetings from Lithuania's capital, Vilnius. It is my first time traveling to Vilnius so I am excited. Now I have traveled to every Baltic State so I can cross that out from my bucket list. What next? maybe I should discover every Nordic States? Hah, we'll see. I really do like to travel. These outfit photos were taken in a hill which was near the old town of Vilnius.
It was rather cloudy but I think the city looked pretty when the sunlight came from the cracks in the clouds. I am a bit of afraid of heights but when I travel I always want to find a good viewpoint where I can look the city above. I do not know why I fancy such places but there is something intriguing in them. It was our first day so it required some traveling. That's why I wanted to wear something comfortable. Therefore I decided to wear this denim dress and boots which do not have very high heels. I tried to pack as little as I could so I only packed two pairs of shoes and one coat which I could use with every outfit. The black trench coat is my favorite coat at the moment and I wore it also in France. I like it because it goes well with skirts and dresses and it is long enough. I do not use trousers or jeans that often so for me it is important that the coat reaches to my knee. I am not that kind of person who likes cold weather so I like to dress warmly.

I do not know why but my smile looks so fake in some of these pictures. I had fun, I swear. :D I am not the best at posing in the pictures but I am learning. I like to smile in the pictures because I think too many bloggers look like they have something under their nose. I like to be positive and send those positive vibes to you as well. In my opinion blogging should not be that serious. At least I do it just for fun. But I have learned that being in the pictures is hard job (;D) since sometimes you think you are smiling when taking a picture but
when you look at the picture you do not look that happy after all.  Have you experienced the same?
Of course I need to have one artistic pic where I look very pensive. ;) Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. You are so beautiful!
    I like your blue eyes!

    Moj mali kutak

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Moj! :)