I traveled to Nice this spring and I thought I would post few pics from that trip. I went there for vacation and it was great trip. Nice was truly beautiful city and I will surely come back again. I do not have any "outfit" photos from that trip but I thought it would be something a bit different. As you can see from the pictures, sun wasn't shining all the time but it didn't matter to me that much. It was still warm about +20 Celsius degrees but I wore a trench coat since for me that isn't warm enough to walk around without a coat. And of course it is always funny contradiction when locals wore winter coats whereas tourists wore shorts. I guess I was somewhere in between that. :D
I fell in love with Promenade des Anglais, I could walk/bicycle along this promenade endlessly looking around  beautiful buildings and people, listening the sound of ocean. How romantic is that? ;D I mean honestly the best thing you can do in Nice is to walk along this promenade and it is for free! Just by looking these pictures I can almost sense that nice warm ocean breeze. Nice was more than nice, it was perfect and now I want to go back. Anyhow I hope you all have sunny Easter!
Have you traveled to Nice?
: Alice

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