My outfit for today is classic school girl style with a little twist. By twist I mean those gigantic earrings which you probably cannot wear if you have school uniform and also the embroidery on the blouse which you probably won't have either. I actually like how my earrings and the embroidery match together. I have noticed that in many stores they sell a lot of these embroidered clothes: shirts, jeans etc. I guess it is some kind of trend right now? Anyhow I really like my shirt and I have purchased it quite recently.
 I think that school uniforms has it pros and cons but I think I wouldn't manage in a school where you'd have to wear one. I've always loved to dress up, be different and show it through my clothes and appearance. I don't think you can fully be and express yourself our teach about the importance of being different and accepting everyone as they are by making everyone dress the same way. I could think a little differently about this topic if I had gone to school where you had to wear a school uniform and there had been all those hair and makeup restrictions.
By the way, I have lived in the States and at that time I was in high school and I would frequently get into trouble for not following the dress code. As a foreigner I just couldn't understand why boys can wear shorts above their knees and girls couldn't! APs would frequently stop me in the corridors for wearing too short skirts/dresses even though they were just above my knee and at the same time School's athletes could walk around with their school's sport outfits which were quite often totally out of the dress code. One time I was even taken into principal's office for not following dress code but most of the time I talked myself out of the trouble. Ha! And even know, I do not think that a dress code which puts boys and girls, athletes and non-athletes into unequal positions should be something to follow. I think that boys shouldn't be animalized and schools should trust more to student's own judgement about what is appropriate to wear at school and what is not.
 Sorry for the lighting which wasn't very flattering in every picture. ;)
Please let me know in the comment section what you thought about my outfit and pardon me for not wearing shoes.
☺: Alice
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