Some weeks ago we had few snowy days here in Tallinn. These pictures were taken on one of those days and I really enjoyed the wintery atmosphere of Kadriorg park. Kadriorg park is my favorite park in Tallinn. It is quite big park where you can spend a lot of time just wondering around the park and looking around what is in there. You can find different museums, playgrounds, President's palace and of course Kadriorg palace which you can see in the pictures. 
I planned my outfit taken into consideration the cold weather. I'm not really a fan of snow and cold but every now and then little snow is okay. And I have to say that the skirt I am wearing is actually blue and not black even though it looks black in these photos. 
I love this black leather purse! It is vintage and my grandmother has given it to me before that it was hers. It is perfect size since I can fit my keys, wallet, phone and some makeup in there easily. I like to prefer it over big and heavy bags because that way I only take the essentials with me and I do not carry around stuff that I won't be using anyway.
 Hope you liked my outfit and if you did leave a comment and tell me what you liked about it! Until next time!
☺: Alice

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