It was super windy day which made taking pictures a bit challenging but we managed to get few pics for you. I do love red lipstick and I use it almost everyday but with this outfit I hesitated whether I should wear red or light pink lip gloss. (The struggle was real ;)) I decided to go with the first option since I didn't have that much I make up on. Although on second thought maybe the lip gloss would have been better. What do you think?
But other than the lipstick, I like this outfit. It is perfect outfit for this season. Some colors and flowers that is what is needed in spring time. I believe that I am going to use this light pink bag a lot this summer. I like it since the color can be easily matched with almost any other color and since it is possible to carry on your shoulder as well as in your hand as a handbag. I have already planned a few summer outfits which will go with this bag.
The background of these pictures was not the best but anyway I am still learning about this blogging. I was quite surprised to see that so many people have already found my blog. (yey! :D) I hope you have fun reading it!
Crazy hair don't care. ;)

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