Hi guys, how's it going? Summer has come to the city.  I have few final exams left before I can start my summer holiday. This summer I am going to travel a little and enjoy a lot of ice cream besides that I do not have much plans.
These trousers are perfect for the summer because there is always those kind of summer days when you are not quite sure if it is going to rain or if the weather will turn out to be perfectly sunny and warm after a while. So if you would wear jeans for example you might get hot or if you wear your favorite summer dress you might get gold in case of rain. But these trousers will be okay in both weathers unless it is warmer than +10 Celsius degrees outside. In addition, I like the lemonlike pattern in them and it is quit easy to match different tops in it since the trousers have multiple colors in it. However I like to keep the top part quite simple so that my trousers would receive the attention they deserve, ;)
 Have you visited the oldest cafe in Tallinn Maiasmokk? You can find it in Old Town. I personally would recommend it for everyone. I like the inside decor, their pastries are delicious and the prices are fair considering that it is located in a touristic area of Tallinn. (This was not paid promotion. :D)
I love the lace details in the back of this shirt. Actually I have this same shirt in green color as well even though I rarely buy same clothes in different colors except some tank tops etc. This shirt however was so pretty that I had to have it in two different colors.
☺: Alice

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