Today's outfit is super colorful! I love to wear colorful clothes and even though this outfit was a little experimental I think it looked amazing. What do you think?
 People in general do not wear very colorful clothes. They might have something colorful on, for example a jacket or trousers but then the remaining pieces of clothing are black, white, grey or brown. Usually in the spring and summer people dress more colorfully than in autumn or winter but I think it might have something to do with the fact that clothing stores usually offer pastel colored clothes in spring and in autumn they offer darker colors. I'm not saying that everyone should dress like me ;) but I think that it is quite boring to dress in black, white, grey and brown all the time.
Some years ago these kind of owl necklaces were popular and you could find one in almost every store. I still like the necklace though it has been while since I bought it. I would like to have earrings which would be the same style.
☺: Alice

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  1. Cute outfit! love your owl necklace :)

  2. I must say I love this outfit. I've just read your posts and I must say that I love your joy :)! You smile all the time and this is a good thing.

    1. Thank you GlossyU for your kind comment! :)