Hi guys! What do you wear when you go to grocery store to pick up few things for making dinner? I usually look like a bum if I have not walked out the door that day or even sometimes when I have. :D I like to wear something simple and comfortable. This time though I managed to wear something simple and comfortable without looking a bum, success! But know when I look at these pictures my skin really looks disturbingly pale, like a ghost. A little tan would not do any harm...
When I go to grocery store I do not usually wear much make-up. But one thing I almost always have even though I would not wear any other make-up is lipstick, especially red lipstick. It just gives you a little bit fresher look on your face at least in my opinion. It also shifts the attention from your dark circles to your lips. It is the best trick ever!
Have a great start of the week everyone and remember to smile! :)
☺: Alice

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