Hi pumpkins! I'm back with new outfit post. This time I am wearing my blue handmade vintage dress which I bought from Old Town when I moved to Tallinn. I love it and it is such a unique dress! I have not seen anything similar before. When I found it I was quite surprised it fitted me perfectly even though it was handmade probably for a specific person but I was just her size. It is pity I do not know the original owner of the dress and how old it is. I would love to hear the story of it!
The dress is very feminine and it is quite sad that it is hard to find dresses long enough or dresses which do not have cleavage or are feminine but not show too much. I do not think that I am conservative because I do sometimes wear those kind of clothing but it is hard to find nice clothing which I feel comfortable in. I wish it would be easier to find clothes that are feminine but do not show off everything because it is not necessary.
I kind of feel out of this world when I am wearing this dress but maybe it is just me. :D
The flower pattern in the dress is so pretty. I also like how the fabric is a little bit see trough in the arms and in the neckline.
☺: Alice

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  1. How lucky!I immediately think of Alice in Wonderland (and your name is also Alice). Very pretty on you. With your hairstyle like that it's perfect. Me too, I'm also more comfortable and opt for a dress with enough coverage <3

    1. Now that you said it looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland. :) Thank you Chachamisu for your nice comment! :)

  2. It really is a vintage dress. That's really nice! :)

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