I have not been very active recently here in my blog and it is because I have been working lately and I just haven't got the time for posting. I still have not forgot you guys and I will keep posting everytime I have a chance. I have also been thinking about what direction to take in my blog since I have been writing this blog for couple of months. I have feel that my blog has been very superficial and there have not been enough content to keep an interest. I am not going to change the whole direction of the blog it is going to be about my style and I will not talk about my personal  life either but maybe I will slightly talk more about being expat and traveling in general. Since I feel like my latest post about this subject interested some of you guys. Here is a link to that post if you have not yet read it: 6 THINGS I WISH I HAD KNOWN BEFORE MOVING ABROAD. Anyhow, let's continue to the outfit of the day!
Pink is the color of the day and if you would ask me it could be the color of everyday. Pink is probably my favorite color. :D I mixed up few different pinks in this outfit but I still think I came across cute. The leather jacket gives it a little twist and rustier look so it is not that pink.
I think I have had this bag in one of my outfits before but I must say that I absolutely love it. Ted Baker is probably my favorite designer brand. Their products just fit in my style so well, okay to be honest their products are my style. Only downside I can think of their products is that they are quite expensive for uni student's budget...
These shoes are also lovely. Even though they are quite high they are very comfortable to walk in except in old town where there are cobblestone footpaths. There flat shoes are better if you do not fancy breaking your ankle.
Tell me how did you like my outfit, was it too much pink? Or if you want to give me a post idea or any kind of comment, feel free to do it in comment section. I like to read them and will answer to all of your comments. You are fantastic, thank you!
yep, this was mandatory! ;)

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