Because I am student it does not mean that I cannot buy expensive designer bags or clothing. It might be more difficult and time consuming for me than what it could be if I would be working. I wanted to gather for you few saving tips that are useful for those who have limited amount of money to spend every month but still want to buy designer products or make any kind of saving. Let me know how helpful these tips were for you!

1. Determine what are you saving up for
Firstly you need to know what product/thing you are saving up for and how much money you would actually need. It is also important that you make yourself clear that which things are more important to you than the designer item. Is eating out something which is more important to you or gym membership? You could cook by yourself or exercise at home or outdoors. But is it really something you are ready to give up for to get that designer item you like? So you have to choose which things are worthier and which are not.
2. Calculate your monthly earnings and expenses
You need to put down how much money you receive every month and what is left after necessary expenses such as rent, utilities, phone bill, food, etc. If there is left something after those necessary expenses you are already doing great. Then you must decide how much money you are ready to save up every month to get that item you like. If your already in the negative side you have to be ready to cut down some of that expenses. For example, could you manage with a little slower internet? Or would there be a way to consume little less water?

3. Pay attention to what you eat
Do you prefer eating out instead of cooking yourself? Start learning to cook because it is not difficult to make a nice dish for few euros which you can eat for couple of days. It is really that simple but people do not usually realize how much money they spend eating out. Make meal plans as well. That way you will know before you go to store what food products you will need and maybe can check up different grocery store websites before hand and plan where to do your shopping based on what will be the cheapest option. Of course you need to dedicate your time for that. Consider buying the cheapest products in the store because I usually do not notice the difference between cheapest or the most expensive spaghetti.
4. Pay attention to what you buy
What kind of toilet paper do you have at home or do you have habit of going impulsive shopping to those inexpensive fashion chain-stores? Do not do that. The money you spend in that store is money you could have saved so you better stop. And what comes to toilet paper example pay attention what everyday life products such as toilet paper, cleaners, shampoos, etc you buy. Those are things you need but what difference it would make to your quality of life if you would buy the cheapest products?

5. Possibilities to earn extra money
What would be your possibilities to earn extra money? Would you be ready to do part-time work? or maybe some babysitting your neighbor's kids or any other odd job you could possible do? Think of your options of earning extra money. Maybe the money you earn monthly is not enough in the first place. But my recommendation is to stay away for loans and gambling. That will only lead you in a bad situations.
+1 Work hard and try always your best at school. Dedicate your time for learning and strive for that higher education. Do not drop out and get that university degree. The more educated you are the higher your salary will be in the future and then you do not have to fear of making the ends meet.

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