5 + 1 helpful tips from me to first time London travelers. Those who have already visited the city these might not be so new information. I have traveled to London many times and also spend one summer there so this post is based on my personal experiences. Photos are from my last trip to London. I did not do much of that touristic stuff anymore since I have seen the most popular attractions quite a few times already. And I do not have proper outfit photos but two of my outfits you can see in the images down below.
1. Have a walk tour instead of hop-on hop-off buses
I would not recommend anyone to take any kind of tourist bus in any city. Best way to get to know the city is to explore it yourself walking, then you can stop to take pictures or maybe change directions when ever you like. I like to recommend route which starts from Piccadilly Circus continuing towards Trafalgar square and maybe you like to have a little look inside the National Gallery. From there you want to walk towards Westminster where you can see the famous Big Ben, Palace and Westminster Abbey. After that you want to continue to the direction of Buckingham Palace. It is pretty nice walk if it is sunny day and it includes many tourist attractions. But unfortunately Tower bridge, Tower of London and St.Paul's Cathedral are in the opposite direction.
2. Do not spend your money on overpriced tourist attractions
Places such London Eye or Madame Tussauds etc are really not worth of the money you spend buying a ticket or the time you spend queuing to them. Or if that is really something you want to do well go for it but I could not recommend such places. Not to mention that London is full of free entrance museums such as National Gallery, British Museum, Museum of London, Natural History Museum etc. I am sure that you can find many that you find interesting. And what comes to good view's from town, there is two places that I could recommend. The Monument is quite nice although it has entrance fee which is few pounds. My favorite is Primrose Hill it is completely free and gorgeous especially when it is dark outside. I used to go there quite often just to sit there, watching the view and listening to music. Having a moment with myself. It is worth the visit if you ever go to London.
3. Places to go shopping
There is three major places to go shopping. First one is of course Oxford street. It is full of different chain stores such as H&M, Topshop, Benetton, Urban Outfitters etc. and different department stores Selfridges, John Lewis, etc. and some of the stores have multiple shops in the street. It is quite nice place to go shopping if you are into chain stores but it is super crowded especially in the afternoon. Portobello road in Notting Hill is another good place to go shopping. There is plenty of antique stores and little shops. In my opinion thou the Portobello Market which is on Sundays is overrated. But that is again my opinion and might not be a popular one. The best place however to go shopping is Camden. It is full of unique little stores and unique people and it is one of my favorite places in London. There is also a lot of street art so if you are into spotting graffiti that is the place you want to go.
4. Oyster card is must have
The distances is London can be quite long and you must be out of your mind to drive in the city. So public transportation will be your bestfriend during your time in London.With Oyster card you can move around easily by bus or tube. Buses are cheaper but of course it takes longer time to get where you want to go. That is why I prefer tube. I love the transportation system in London it is so easy to commute from one place to another!
5. Take a walk in park
London is full of green areas. Go to any park and have a lunch there. You'll be amazed  of what you can find in there. There is so many different gardens and beautiful spots and animals. The two most famous one's are Hyde park and Regent's park. If I have stayed in Hotel like last time it is usually next to Hyde park close to Oxford street. In my opinion it is quite unusual to have such big parks in a metropolis like London is.
+1 Your full London experience will not be completed unless you have eaten fish and chips. My favorite fish and chips place is located in Camden and it is called Hook. They serve the best fish and chips I have ever tasted with different sauces. So it is not so traditional but so delicious! They have also other things in their menu if you are not so into the idea but I would definitely recommend the restaurant for everyone.

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  1. Love your super colorful outfit against the grey background on the first photo!!