Hi everyone, how are you doing? I am back with more outfit photos this time. Although the lightning this time does not impress anyone but bare with me. :D This dress is one of my favorites but in this part of the world where I live it is such a short period of time when I can actually wear it, it is a pity. I could wear it with a cardigan when it is cold but the dress has to be tied around your neck and it would just look stupid imo. First world problems is what they say.
I often feel very insecure to wear tight clothing as almost everyone I think. I always worry about my stomach to stick out too much but looking at these pictures I think I look fitter than I actually am. I have no idea how I did it but somehow I managed. ;) It is silly to feel insecure about oneself, as far as I know nobody really pays attention for somebody else's body shape. At least I am not interested.
 This handbag is hands down my used one. I really like smaller bags where I can with my wallet, keys, phone and maybe one lipstick because that is basically everything one needs. the bag is just the right size and color is my favorite too. I have so much colorful clothing that it is easy to match this pink with almost anything. Also almost everyone of my jackets and coats are simple colors black, beige, blue so in the winter it is nice popup color.
 Picnic in a park is nice summertime activity and it is what happened after taking these pictures. I really love eating outside in summer. Especially breakfast outside is one of my favorite things to start a morning weather permitting of course. How did you like my outfit? Leave it in the comment section.
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  1. Very cute dress! Reminds me of the 50s and Hun, you wear it well!

    1. Thank you MsQueenRo, it is actually from a store where they sell vintage style clothing. :)