Hi my friends! How are you doing? I have not post for awhile. At first I had to manage few days without internet since we change our operator and after that I have just procrastinated to post here. I have been taking outfit photos but somehow it was difficult for me to start posting again after few days break. Now I am back and I will continue to update my blog more frequently.
Obviously these outfit photos were taken during the summer. Today is typical Autumn weather here in Tallinn, it has rained the entire day so far. I would rather spend the day in my cozy bed than go to uni but what can I do when the duties are calling? Days like this it is nice to go back to warm summer days.
Summer is my favorite season of the year. I really dislike rain and cold weather. Too bad I live in Estonia. ;) I would really love to live somewhere where it does not get so cold during winters since I cannot manage the cold at all. Also summer clothing is so much nicer than winter wear and you do not have to wear five layers of clothing when going outside of your house. Summer clothing is much simpler!
What is your favorite season and how did you like the outfit? See you again soon!
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