Hello friends, how are you? Unfortunately I have caught a virus and  I have been laying on a bed the entire day. It is not much fun but at least I have someone who takes care of me and makes me a cup of tea when I ask. The perks of being sick and helpless is to have someone who will take care of you. :D Anyhow this moment is historical since it is the first time in my blog's history when I have straight hair!  Look at me. It was windy day and my hair is a mess but yes it is straightened. I do not often straighten my hair since it is pretty bad for my hair but when I do I always hope that I did not have curls. Curly hair is a curse and everyone who says otherwise do not have curly hair.
This skirt is new one. I bought it from London when I was there during Summer.  It has cute watermelon print on it. I had seen some diy pictures of similar skirts in Pinterest and when I found the skirt I had to have it. I was lucky because the first time I saw it in store there was not my size left anymore but luckily the same chain had few other stores in London and I managed to find it in my size. 

 I used to buy pretty clothes even though I could not find them in my size. I would always thought that probably I could fix them to my size or if they were too small I would consider losing weight etc. But honestly it never happened. Nowadays I do not do that anymore. If I find nice piece of clothing but it does not fit me I will not buy it because that would just be waste of money.  Do not buy anything if you cannot be 110% sure that you will fix that broken zipper in a fine vintage dress etc. It will just be waste of money and I know that lot of people buy stuff they do not actually fit in. But yeah that is that, I will not preach about it anymore. :D
I hope you all have wonderful day and you stay healthy!
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