I am sure everyone has some expectations when moving abroad what the life would be like in new country or if you personally do not have any specific expectations at least your relatives and friends will have tons of expectations about your life in abroad. 
Before you move to abroad you have probably made a list of all the places you want to explore and travel but it takes about one week for you to realize that everyday is not holiday and there are certain things you need to do, nevertheless where you live. You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, take a shower, you have a breakfast then you rush into uni then you go back home and on the way to home you pop in a supermarket nearby, you buy some food, then you come home to cook and after finishing your dinner you go to bed and you repeat it over and over again. And talking about your list? it will not be finished any time soon.
The one thing your friends will always ask you when they come to visit you is: What is the best place to go to eat? -Well..., how would I know?!? But I am pretty convinced that it ain't my kitchen...

And I am not even going to talk about all the touristic attraction and museums which are so close to you that you will not even bother to go. I am not a tourist, I live hear. ;)
-Oh, you must have been here already hundred times, so there might be nothing that interesting for you.
- Trust me, I did not even know before that this place existed.
One of the most common phrase you will hear for anyone who have just found out that you live in Estonia is:
-Everything is so inexpensive here that you must live like a queen.
Yeah right, I am a university student not a Russian oligarch. And do not get me started about cheap booze comments or about the raising of taxes on alcoholic beverages...
Living in abroad is a great opportunity to learn new languages, or at least that is what they say. But I would doubt that phrase every time when I try to speak Estonian for an Estonian and he/she is answering to me in English. At least I am trying, eh? 

Let's for a moment discuss traveling. Think about all the vacations you could go with the money you spend on traveling back and forth to the country where you are from. Yes that is right, you are probably expected to spend at least your Christmas, Easter and summer vacation in your home country and still it will not be enough to your relatives and family. If you cannot make it to every birthday, Father's day, Mother's day or any other special event there might be, it will be a tragedy and you will be reminded if you travel to Lithuania on your mother's birthday... Trust me. :D
Do you live or have you lived in abroad? Can you relate to these expectations vs realities? Let me know in the comments.
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