Hi friends! We have not had much snow here in Tallinn. Although it has snowed several times already but it has not lasted long since the weather has not been cold enough. I am not a big fan of snow and cold weather but it would be preferable to have cold and dry weather instead of rainy and muddy. Rainy and muddy is something we have had for couple of weeks now. We have only about  6 hours of daylight and it is very depressing and dark if there is not any snow. 
This year I have prepared myself for Christmas so I have three Christmas calendars: chocolate, candy and NYX's lipstick calendar which means that I have new lipstick everyday for 24 days! How awesome is that? :D I usually use bright red or bright pink colored lipstick so it has been fun to try different colors which I would not normally buy or use. For example this nude brown color which I am wearing in the pictures, is something I would not have tried. Now that I have tried it I will probably buy something like this color in the future. It suits me better than I thought!
My outfit today is very simple and comfortable. Basically dress, coat, purse and boots. My blue winter coat is already few years old but it is still my favorite winter coat. I love the bright blue color! I have found it difficult to find winter coats which are bright colored. Usually they are grey, black and white.
Recently, I bought a new pair of winter boots. Before, I had a habit to buy shoes which were made of artificial materials since stores seemed to offer a lot more options to choose from when the shoes were not made of real leather. Usually those shoes lasted for two years or maximum three years in use and after that the surface was damaged and could not be fixed anymore. Whereas real leather, when properly maintained, lasts much longer than artificial leather. For now on, I have decided that I will not buy any shoes made of artificial leather since real leather lasts longer in use.
How did you like the outfit?
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