Hi friends! It has been a long time since I last posted but hope you are still following. The last months have flew by quickly and I have been procrastinating to post here. Now I want to get back to the game and I will try to post more frequently and form a habit of it. Let's see how I will manage and if you have any suggestion for the post ideas I will take those into consideration as well. :)
 I do not usually follow the latest fashion but I have noticed that berets have been trending this winter. I have last time worn one when I was a child so I had to jump on the bandwagon since I saw colorful berets in almost every store. Even though we have cold winters here in Estonia, I must confess that I do not wear hat as often as I should since by wearing one you can easily ruin your hairstyle. I know it sounds a bit superficial but that is how it is in real life. However I really like these colorful berets and I am surprised that I managed to find a trend which I actually like.
 How did you like the outfit? See you soon!

☺: Alice

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