Hello friends! How is it going? I have changed my hairstyle a bit, I have bangs now. I have had bangs last time couple of years ago. It is a small change but refreshing one.  I must apologize for the couple months old photos but I liked this look and wanted to share it with you. :) I promise that I will be posting more summery looks in the near future.
This outfit is quite ordinary, it is suitable for work and uni but still very vivid. As you might have noticed by reading this blog, colors are very important part of my style. Most of the people I know like to wear black, grey, white and beige but I am not like that. I do use those colors sometimes and I like to pair them with more flashy colors. It is not very often that you see me wearing only those colors.
Have a great start of the week and I will be back with summery look next time!
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