Hi friends! In February I spend extended weekend in the capital of Norway: Oslo. I could not think any better time if the year to visit Oslo than during  winter. The sun was shining everyday and the weather was cold and crispy. These outfit pictures were taken on the top of the famous opera house.
The view was great, although the roof was icy and very slippery. I tried to pack lightly since it was only a weekend trip, so I only took one pair of shoes with me as well as one overcoat. This overcoat is the best discovery this winter. It is warm and the lilac color is amazing. 
Oslo is a city worth visiting and it is also possible to enjoy your holiday there without breaking a bank. Nonetheless, it is worthy of its reputation as one of the worlds most expensive city. I managed to stay on budget: I found good deal for the hotel and I did not visit the most expensive restaurants in the city. However, one could easily spend a lot of money on those.
Have a lovely week!
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