Hi friends! One day we were exploring different parts of the city and we ended up in Linnahall. It is a massive soviet style building which was build for Moscow's Summer Olympics in 1980. It is a sport and cultural center and it has a concert hall and ice hall inside but they have been closed for sometime. The building is in need of renovation. Even though the building is a bit rusty and obviously soviet looking, there is something appealing in it. I really hope that it will be renovated and in use again.
It was a warm summery day and I was wearing my floral summer dress. It is simple and cute off-shoulder dress. However one must remember wear a lot of sun cream in order to protect the shoulders from burning in the sun. I have not burned my skin at all this summer nor I have tanned. My skin is very pale and I do not get tanned easily. I do not even like tanning or tanned skin. It is not healthy and I would rather try to protect myself from getting cancer.
How did you like my outfit?
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